Haval H6 2022 3rd Category

Haval H6 2022

(3rd Category)


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Car Overview






3rd Category



Body Type


0 KM

Inspection Report Summary

Exterior paint condition:
Factory Paint
Interior paint condition:
Factory Paint
Chassis condition:
No Issues Found
Mechanical condition:
Suspension condition:
Electricity condition:
Salon condition:
Tires condition:
Window / Lights Status:
AC condition:

B&P Exterior Condition:

Trunk Door
FR Grille
FR Bumper
RR Bumper
FR R Fender
FR L Fender
R - A Pillar
L - A Pillar
FR R Door
FR L Door
RR R Door
RR L Door
R - C Pillar
L - C Pillar
RR R Fender
RR L Fender
R Rocker Panel Outer
L Rocker Panel Outer
R Door Mirror
L Door Mirror
FR R Door Hinges/ Bolts
FR L Door Hinges/ Bolts
RR R Door Hinges/ Bolts
RR L Door Hinges/ Bolts
Hood Hinges/ Bolts
Trunk Hinges/ Bolts

B&P Interior Condition:

FR R Door Inner Pillars
FR L Door Inner Pillars
RR R Door Inner Pillars
RR L Door Inner Pillars
Trunk Pan
Trunk Tail
Radiator Supporters

Chassis Condition:

FR R Damper Chassis
FR L Damper Chassis
FR Chassis
RR Chassis
Upper Radiator Support
Center Chassis

Window / Lights Condition:

Panorama Glass
Sunroof Glass
Rear Windshield
FR R Door Window
FR L Door Window
RR R Door Window
RR L Door Window
RR Quarter Window
FR Quarter Window
FR R Headlight
L Headlight
R Tail Light
L Tail Light
FR Fog Light
RR Fog Light
FR Light Indicator
RR Light Indicator
Wiper System
Doors Seal
Windshield Wiper
Rear Windshield Wiper

Interior Condition:

FR R Window Switch
Main Window Switch
RR R Window Switch
RR L Window Switch
Sunroof Switch
Light Switch
Center Lock
Wiper Switch
Cassette / Screen
FR Speakers
RR Speakers
FR Bulbs
RR Lights
Parking Sensors
Folding Mirrors
A/C Switches
A/C Grills
Center Console
Steering Wheel
Seat Belts
FR R Door Fabric
FR L Seat Fabric
RR R Door Fabric
RR L Door Fabric
FR R Seat Fabric
FR L Seat Fabric
RR Seat Fabric
Roof Fabric
R - A Pillar Fiber
L - A Pillar Fiber
R - B Pillar Fiber
L - B Pillar Fiber
R - C Pillar Fiber
L - C Pillar Fiber
Rear View Mirror
FR R Roof Handle
FR L Roof Handle
RR R Roof Handle
RR L Roof Handle

Mechanical Condition:

Engine Visual Status
Engine Oil Level
Engine Oil Color
Exhaust Color
Transmission Visual Status
Turbo Status
Compression Test
Engine Efficiency Notes
Transmission Leaver
Gear Shift Status
Coolant Level
Coolant Fluid
Cooling System Excluding Radiator
Radiator Status
Cooling Fan
Engine Belts
Engine Auxiliaries Sounds
Air Filter
Spark Plug Type
Spark Plugs Status
Sound During Starting

Suspension Condition:

Sounds While Braking On Standing
RR Brake Disc/Drum
Drive Shaft
RR Axle
Hand Brake
RR Brake Pads
Rear Transmission Mount
Stabilizer Rod
FR Transmission Mount
R Engine Mount
Transmission Mount
FR Upper Arms
Transmission Box
RR Arms
FR Wheel Bearings
FR Differential
RR Coupling
Stabilizer Bars
RR Wheel Bearings
RR Differential
FR Brake Disc
Steering Gear Box
RR Shock Absorbers
FR Lower Arms
Engine bridge
FR Axle
FR Shock Dampers
FR Coupling
FR Brake Pads
FR Shock Absorbers

Electrical Condition:

Engine Codes
Transmission Codes
Airbag Codes
Other Codes
Dashboard Indicators (Key On)
Dashboard Indicators while Key On
Starter Rotating Speed
Battery Status
Alternator Status
Battery Cables
Harness Status
Dashboard Transmission Indicators

A/C Condition:

A/C Status

Tire Condition:

FR Rim Status
FR Tires Status
RR Rim Status
RR Tires Status
Spare Rim Status
Spare Tire Status
Tire Type